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Loaded with pure, highly active ingredients, this trio of award-winning products are supercharged by nature and science to help you look and feel your best all summer long.

24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser is a skincare superhero – a product that’s gentle on the skin and tough on environmental aggressors. It’s powered by the most efficacious of natural ingredients, their potency harnessed by the latest cutting-edge science.

Chlorine, pollution, sun and sea are hair’s nemesis. Counter them with Pink Hair and Scalp Mud. Created in 1993 this beauty icon is still an ESPA best seller for a reason. Well three actually.

  • Strengthen Hair.
    Red clay stimulates circulation to the scalp, improving hair health.

  • Supercharge Shine And Condition.
    Nourishing apricot, bergamot, sunflower and orange oils add manageability and gloss.

  • Calm irritation.
    Vitamin C rich watercress soothes the scalp.

Optimal ProSerum is perfect for summer skin. Its cutting edge formula cleverly countering the drying effect of sun, ferocious air conditioning and intensified city pollution, strengthening skin on a deep cellular level. And whilst every application leaves skin with an enviable post facial dewiness, it never feels heavy or looks shiny.