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Yucca Extract

The Yucca plant is one of the few living things that can thrive in the baking desert lands of South-Western America. The Native Americans were the first to wonder at the hidden potential of this hardy perennial.

Yucca extract

They managed to find a use for every bit of its anatomy: the fibres of the leaves were wound into strong ropes, the woody stems used to ignite fires, and the flowers fried and eaten.

But its roots were prized the most. Extracts of Yucca roots were used to cleanse, stimulate hair growth, and heal minor wounds. Centuries later, we’ve yet to find an ingredient that works as effectively.

Emerging studies also suggest powerful anti-oxidant properties, making it a natural ESPA choice.

How it works:

  • Mixes with water to produce a rich, dense, cleansing foam.

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