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ESPA Bathing Ritual

Finish your day with a deeply relaxing bathing ritual to soothe body and calm the mind. You have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the ESPA Facial and Skin Brush or Salt Scrub Rituals whilst waiting for the bath to fill.

1. An aromatic oasis at home

Close the bathroom door and run a deep bath.

Therapist Tip:

Make sure not to add your Bath Oil until the bath is fully drawn – adding to running water will disperse the aroma before and dilute the initial intensity of the precious aromatherapy benefits.

Facial Ritual

2. ESPA Facial Ritual

While the water runs, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the ESPA Facial Ritual.

  • Cleanse your face, massaging your preferred cleanser in with circular movements before rinsing.
  • Exfoliate with Refining Skin Polish, again using gentle circular movements, before rinsing and patting dry. For optimal results, concentrate on problem areas, such as excessively dry or congested skin.
  • Next, warm your preferred Face Treatment Oil between your hands and inhale the therapeutic aroma before massaging into your face.
  • Finish with your preferred mask, lavished generously over face, neck and décolleté.

Click here for the full ritual

3. Smooth and Renew

Before immersing yourself into the bath, treat your body to the ESPA Skin Brush Ritual or Salt Scrub Ritual

4. The ultimate hair and scalp treatment

Give your hair and scalp a deeply nourishing treat.

  • Lightly wet your hair and smooth Pink Hair & Scalp Mud through small sections.
  • Massage into the roots of your hair, working into the scalp before applying more to completely cover the hair.
  • Allow to set for at least 20 minutes, or leave on overnight as an intense treatment, before rinsing thoroughly.

5. Complete Relaxation

  • Soak some cotton wool pads in Soothing Eye Lotion and leave them on the side of the bath.
  • Once your bath is fully drawn, add your preferred bath oil and immerse yourself in the divine aroma.
  • Slip into the warm water, lie back and close your eyes placing the pads on your lids.
  • Relax, inhale the beautiful aroma and soak for 20 minutes, taking the time to feel the deep benefits.

When you decide to leave your bath, pat dry and add your favourite ESPA Body Oil whilst your skin is still damp.