Body Ritual

ESPA Body Ritual

Transform routine application to uplifting ritual to revitalise the body and boost the mind. Use your chosen ESPA Body Oil for this ritual, best performed after showering or bathing.


Preparation makes perfect

For even more beautifully smooth, radiant skin - treat your body to the ESPA Skin Brush Ritual or Salt Scrub Ritual before enjoying our Body Ritual.

Therapist Tip:

Make sure you apply the body oil to damp skin to facilitate penetration and absorption.

1. Inhale the divine aroma

Pour your preferred Body Oil blend into your hands, press together, cup and hold over your nose. Deeply inhale to optimise the aromatherapeutic effects.

2. Leg Rub

  • Place both hands on top of your foot; smooth the oil over the front of your shin, up the sides of your thigh and around your glutes.
  • Then sweep down the back of your leg in one smooth movement.
  • Next, following the same sequence, work the oil in using shorter, quicker strokes with alternate hands.

3. Body Sweep & Back Massage

  • Take a little more oil into your hands, press together and reach across your body placing a relaxed flat hand on your waist.
  • Then sweep swiftly upwards in an arc, through the centre of your chest, across the shoulder and down your arm to your fingertips – gently flicking away at the ends.

Pause, place more oil into your hand and press together.

  • With both hands sweeping alternately, work the oil in upwards from the small of your back towards your shoulder blades. Reach only as high as you can comfortably achieve.
  • Next, follow the same sequence, this time lightly clenching your hands to help massage and release tension.
  • Repeat 3 times.

4. Neck & Shoulder Knead

  • Pour more oil into your hand if required, press together and reach across the body to the top of your neck.
  • Sweep quickly down your neck, over the top of your shoulder and across the shoulder blade.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • Next cup one elbow with your opposite hand, lift and place your free hand on the top of your neck.
  • Then firmly squeeze the muscles from your neck to your shoulder, releasing tension as you knead.