Ayurvedic Inspired Rituals

At times of high stress levels, we may find it difficult to unwind and experience poor sleep patterns. ESPA's stress relieving ayurvedic treatments use ancient massage techniques such as four handed massage, head or scalp massage to offer deep relaxation. Carefully selected essential oils soften the skin and offer a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Harmonising Ayurvedic Ritual

Rediscover your innate ability to unwind, as the ancient holistic wisdom of Ayurveda restores your mind and body back to balance.

Full exfoliation and body wrap first smooth and rejuvenate skin before a hot stone massage melts away all tension. Customised according to your unique Dosha type, this harmonising treatment combines nourishing ESPA body oils with Ayurvedic herbal oils to deliver exactly what you need – calm, energy, nurturing or purification.

Includes: Foot ritual – Body exfoliation – Wrap using detoxifying algae or restorative marine mud – Dosha-specific massage with Ayurvedic oils and hot stones – Scalp massage


Purva Karma Four Handed Massage

The ultimate indulgent experience for those who find it difficult to unwind.

This powerfully immersive treatment starts with a welcome foot ritual, body exfoliation and a facial cleanse. Using long, sweeping movements, two therapists then connect to commence the four handed, tension-releasing body massage involving the pouring of warm oil and use of hot volcanic stones, before a rebalancing scalp massage completes this definitively restorative treatment.

Includes: Foot ritual – Body exfoliation and facial cleanse – Four-hand massage with hot stones – Scalp massage


Ama Releasing Abyhanga

Discover a renewed sense of wellbeing with this deeply relaxing ritual.

Ideal for those experiencing high levels of stress or poor sleep patterns, this treatment commences with a body exfoliation to stimulate and smooth skin, followed by a soothing facial cleanse. Ayurvedic massage techniques and a warm infusion of aromatherapy oils are then used to ease tension and calm the mind, before a de-stressing scalp massage – which may include the pouring of oil onto the forehead and through the scalp – completes this tranquil experience.

Includes: Foot Ritual – Body exfoliation and facial cleanse – Body massage – Scalp massage



Alleviate emotional stress and soothe the mind with this traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

An exceptional addition to the Purva Karma Four Handed Massage or Ama Releasing Abyhanga, this powerful meditative experience involves warm oil being poured onto the forehead and scalp, restoring a sense of calm and serenity.


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