How to use ESPA products

We design our products to work together, multiplying the effects and helping you recreate the pleasure of the spa in your own home.

Can you recommend the right products for me to use?

There are three ways to find the right ESPA products for you:

  1. Our online skin consultation tool has been years in the making, specfically designed and developed to recommend the perfect skincare routine for you.
  2. You can contact our amazing Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1252 352 230 or +1 (786) 350 1192 if you're calling from the US . All are professionally ESPA trained and will be delighted to help you with the right product choices for your skin.
  3. Nothing quite compares to having a consultation in person with one of our trained therapists and skin experts. This can take place at any one of our spas or stores around the globe, to find your nearest, click here .



How do I apply ESPA Eye Moisturisers?

Apply eye products with your ring finger, as this provides the lightest touch and helps avoid dragging the delicate skin around the eye area and ageing it prematurely.

Start at the inner corner and follow the contour of your socket outwards with a gentle tapping motion.

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How is best to apply the ESPA Face Treatment Oils?

When applying face oils, make sure you warm the oil between the hands prior to application to aid effective absorption. It is best to massage with upward circular movements to promote lifting and toning to help defy gravity.

Inhaling the aroma of the oil stimulates your olfactory system allowing your mind and emotions to benefit from the aromas as well as our skin.

Take time to focus on your breathing, slowing it down and concentrating on your out breath will help to increase oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin helping to encourage cell renewal.

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What is the best way to make the most out of my ESPA Bath Oil experience?

Draw your bath, making sure not to add the oil until you are about to get in. Add two or three caps of oil, immerse yourself and deeply inhale the aroma.

When you have finished bathing, pat your body dry and apply the relevant ESPA Body Oil whilst the skin is still damp

Enhance the experience with your favourite ESPA Candle.

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