Detox Body Treatments

Feelings of sluggishness and weariness can signal the need for a body detox. ESPA's detox massage treatments use body wraps and advanced massage techniques to tone and firm skin, stimulate circulation, target areas prone to cellulite and drain the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins from the body. These stimulating treatments clear and revitalise the mind while improving the appearance of the skin.

Detox body treatments

Complete Body Detox Treatment

Feel thoroughly purified and re-energised with this powerfully cleansing treatment.

Incorporating a cleansing body wrap, advanced massage, warm herbal poultices and colon massage, this advanced treatment effectively eliminates toxins, stimulates circulation and boosts digestion. Featuring a specialised G5 massage, fluid retention and bloating are reduced, lymphatic drainage is encouraged and cellulite is diminished. An intensely revitalising treatment for sluggish systems and the ultimate kick-start to any detox programme or new health regime.

Includes: Detoxifying foot ritual – Full body algae wrap – Herbal poultice massage – Deep colon massage with G5 massage – Lymphatic drainage and detoxifying body massage – Scalp massage


Targeted Hip and Thigh Treatment

Visibly smooth, firm and tone hips, thighs and legs.

Here, pioneering massage techniques meet results-focused formulas to noticeably diminish the appearance of cellulite, reduce fluid retention and boost circulation. Skin-brushing preps skin before an intense and detoxifying colonic massage aids the elimination of toxins and considerably improves skin’s condition and tone.

Includes: Skin brushing hip, thigh and abdominal areas – Detoxifying salt & oil scrub with iced mitt removal – Detoxifying and lymphatic drainage massage techniques to hip and thigh areas – Specialised colonic massage – Body moisturiser application.


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