Director of Training

Marion Hook, ESPA Director of Therapist Training

04 September 2012

Anti-ageing vs age-enhancing

“ESPA isn’t in the anti-aging business, we are in the wellbeing business, and this product is all about looking your best for the age you are. Everyone grows older – you can’t hold back time and at ESPA, we believe that you should make the best of every stage of your life.

“Depending on your lifestyle, your skin might look older than your chronological age – a stressful lifestyle, a less-than-healthy diet, sun damage – all these are factors in how your skin ages. At ESPA, we do a complete skin analysis to determine the age of your skin and then devise a skincare regime that addresses all your skin’s needs.

“As your skin ages, you may find that, along with those fine lines and wrinkles, there’s a loss of elasticity, it looks sallow and dull with uneven skin tones, there may be some redness over the cheeks and nose or enlarged pores. NET8 Serum addresses all these issues, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin that is hydrated and radiant.

“As soon as you use NET8 Serum, you will feel an instant firming effect and your skin will look much smoother. As the outer sphere of the product works as a mild exfoliant, you’re getting rid of dull, dead cells as you smooth it into your skin and the liquorice root extract immediately calms any redness or blotchiness.

“But even more than the instant results, it's the long-term effects of NET8 Serum that are exciting. The Himalayan fleece vine protects against environmental damage so your skin doesn't breakdown and age as quickly; the carnosine helps maintain elasticity, preventing long-term lines and wrinkles.

"All the effects you see immediately with this product increase over time – you are continually hydrating your skin and that hydration is locked in, giving you plumper, more radiant skin every day.

“However, your skin’s health comes from within so the more care you take with what you put into your body – a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, plenty of water – the healthier your skin will be. Getting plenty of exercise that gets the circulation moving, fresh air – all are important components. For more advice on skin's health, read Naturopath Max Tomlinson's article.

“When you look after your skin, both internally and externally, you will find that your chronological age is irrelevant.”

At ESPA, we believe that you should make the best of every stage of your life.

Director of Training