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04 September 2012

The Technology behind ESPA LIFESTAGE Net8 Serum

The genesis of the Net8 Serum

“The journey began for Sue over 40 years ago, but we've been involved for about 18 months – Sue Harmsworth shared her vision for a skincare product created specifically for skin with a biological age of 45+. The product had to address all the issues of ageing skin, such as loss of elasticity and radiance, redness, etc, and, of course, fit with the ESPA ethos of using natural products in a scientific way to produce an effective product. It is what we call ‘high-tech natural’.

“As with all ESPA products, Sue has been heavily involved every step of the way, using the formulations and testing the way they feel and perform. She also agreed all the ingredients that ultimately have gone into the serum. Once we formulated the product, we started testing it right away and there was no doubt about it – almost immediately, it was producing results and the users in the trials loved it. We knew we were on to something very special.

“A lot of skincare products are synthetically based. We don’t believe in that – we believe that an effective product can be created based on nature and we’ve proved it. All the active ingredients in Net8 Serum are supported by fantastic efficacy results – they aren’t included because they have a nice fluffy name and anecdotal results, they’re included because they work and we can prove it. All the ingredients – from the hero ingredients to the marine and botanical extracts that support them – work in harmony to support the activity of the blend.”

The unique delivery system of Net8 Serum

“Getting the best combination of active ingredients is just the start of an effective skincare product. The delivery system is just as important – if the ingredients don’t get into the skin in the best possible way, then it won’t get the best possible results.

“Oftentimes, a skincare product will have a few ingredients that only work on one specific problem. However, instead of just one hero ingredient that works on only one specific problem, Net8 Serum has a massive 10 active ingredients. The effectiveness of Net8 Serum comes from the fact that there is an ingredient that addresses each of the causes of aging skin.

“Once we got the formula right, we needed to devise a unique delivery system that would work with all of them and get those ingredients into the skin at 100 percent strength. Our Natural Encapsulation Technology protects all the ingredients and holds them together, delivering them into the skin in a staged and intelligent way, without diluting their power or effectiveness.

“When the serum is massaged into the skin, the protective outer shells release what is known as a skin primer that is then warmed by the skin’s heat, melting the microspheres inside the shell. These microspheres are different sizes to hold specific volumes and release their actives into the skin in stages over an eight-hour period.

“Everything in the Net8 Serum formula has been considered in order to ensure that all the active ingredients are delivered to the skin in the most effective way.”

The hero ingredients of Net8 Serum

“When we were beginning to formulate NET8 Serum, we put a lot of time into researching the factors that make skin age and what ingredients from nature counteract those factors. We came up with 10 key active ingredients which we were able to squeeze-in thanks to the Natural Encapsulation Technology. Whilst the full list of 10 are top-secret, we able to reveal three hero ingredients and their benefits.

“The first is carnosine. We used carnosine because of two of its specific strengths: it is an excellent anti-oxidant and it slows down glycation. The Western diet is very high in sugar and these sugars crosslink with proteins, breaking down the skin cells, which is glycation. It’s not unlike what happens during the tanning process – the skin becomes less supple and more leather-like. A healthy diet helps to minimise this from happening in the first place, while carnosine helps to counteract the damage already done: both keep skin healthy and youthful looking.

“The second ingredient is Himalayan fleece vine. The reason we chose this is of its effect on the SRI gene. The SRI gene helps repair DNA and if you can encourage it to work harder, then the aging process slows. This ingredient is rich in resveratrol, which has anti-inflammatory properties (among others) and increases blood flow, so your skin looks calmer and more radiant.

“The third ingredient is liquorice root extract, which is another anti-inflammatory, but it is also a mild skin lightener. This is particularly important as you get older because you can get age spots and uneven skin tones. By continuing to use ingredients that even your skin tone, your skin looks healthier and younger.

“All three of these hero ingredients are supported by other marine and botanical actives and are delivered to the skin in a phased way so that the whole of the formula works in harmony with your skin.”

Our Natural Encapsulation Technology protects all the ingredients and holds them together, delivering them into the skin in a staged and intelligent way, without diluting their power or effectiveness.

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