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Introducing the first Age Enhancing Serum

There are stages in life and then there is LIFESTAGE. We’re all quite familiar with the former, but let us share with you a little more about the latter.

At ESPA we are dedicated to results-driven, natural skincare that is a pleasure to use, ensuring your skin looks at its best at every stage of your life. Addressing the most visible signs of ageing and wanting to enhance the way you look as you get older is only natural, so we have created a ground breaking new range for those of us with a biological age of 45 and over to answer these needs and deliver results.

Net8 Serum 30ml
NET8 Serum 30ml £100

"For me, real beauty is about looking your best whatever your age"

Sue Harmsworth MBE, Founder of ESPA

Net - The secret weapon

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering: “is LIFESTAGE a range of anti-ageing skincare?” the answer is: No, it’s a range of age enhancing skincare. The first product to be born out of this iconic range is LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum which works intelligently to target the most visible signs of ageing.

Using Natural Encapsulation Technology (NET) as our secret weapon, we have cocooned microspheres in a protective outer shell that are packed with 10 active natural ingredients in their purest, most concentrated form.

This unique combination of actives is not found anywhere else. When LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum is massaged into the skin, the protective outer shell bursts to release a skin priming activator that guides the microspheres into the skin in a power punch that steadily releases actives over a period of 8 hours.

Natural Encapsulation Technology (NET) Diagram

Results that speak for themselves

You don’t have to take our word for it however, as LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum has been rigorously tested in independent clinical trials and the results speak for themselves.

A 68% increase in skin hydration was seen after just an hour and a significant moisturisation effect was still visible after 24 hours*.

More than 95% saw a decrease in wrinkle depth by 15%* and 83% saw a decrease in wrinkle volume by 21% after 28 days of use*.

*Independent clinical trial results seen on test volunteers after using LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum. All percentages are mean averages.

97% saw an average increase in skin firmness of 17% after 28 days of use